December 2023

December 2023

December  2023


Message from the Principal


Hello Families -


One of the school improvement goals for Centennial this year is to increase the sense of belonging for all of our students. We want them to love coming to school as much as we love having them come to school!  While we have a few activities planned around this theme, we are very excited to bring “You Belong Day” to our students on February 2nd.  We have surveyed our students and they have spoken!  There will be a wide variety of activities offered that day and I have no doubt it will be a blast!  More to come as it gets closer.


Keeping with the theme of belonging, I always love asking students how they feel about our school.  Here are a few comments from Student Council Members in 4th and 5th grade.  



In this school, when we have one book, once school which makes me feel like I belong, because it is with everyone. I also feel like when we do Friday sing because again, it is with everyone. I also feel like when I am with my friends and teacher I belong. It’s just knowing I belong. Whether it’s at recess or in the classroom, I feel like I belong. 



One of the things that makes me feel like I belong is my friends. Another thing that makes me feel like I belong is my teacher. 



Probably the fact that the teachers are so nice and thoughtful, they teach great. Also, I love how everything is timed and every time I go to school I have a smile on my face. One more thing is that the school takes tests awesomely. It is so fun and challenging to do all the tests like the SBA. In conclusion, Centennial is the best school ever!



Making nice and kind friends makes me feel like I belong because they sit at lunch with you, play on the playground, and more. Also, fun teachers meaning they take consideration of things you ask them. All in all, a community, a good one, makes me feel like I belong here at Centennial, and I feel others would agree. 



One of the things that makes me feel connected to school is the all-school things. Like, Friday Sing or all school assemblies. Another thing is lunch/recess. At lunch I love to sit by my friends and at recess I get to play 4 square with my friends that are either in 5th grade or in other classes. Another thing that makes me feel like I belong is when in class we get to do flashlight reading. It has made me start to like reading. And we get to read whatever we want. And I feel like I belong when we get to read under our desk. It is very fun. I feel like I belong at this school. And it is an awesome school. 



I feel connected to school because I can learn to make a better future for the world. I can make friends faster and enemies slower. I can use a library before I have my library card. I know that every star is different, yet every single one shines. In other words, I belong at Centennial. 



We will keep working to ensure that every student feels like they belong at Centennial. Ask your student what makes them feel like they belong. I would love to hear!  As always, thank you for sharing your kiddos with us!


Shannon Ritter

Proud Principal of Centennial - where I belong too



Lunch Money


We have a LOT of students with negative balances on their lunch account. Remember, lunch & breakfast cost $2 & $3.10 respectively. You can pay through the Payment Portal, or call/stop by the office to pay with a card, or send/bring in cash or check.


**If you are experiencing hardship and need assistance, please fill out the Free & Reduced Application. It can be done through Skyward Family Access, or we can send a paper copy home. Information can be found here.



Winter Concert


Our Winter Concert is almost here! It will feature our band & strings students, plus our 4th/5th grade choir. It is scheduled for Friday, December 8th at 8:30. Please join us if you can!


Centennial Science & Engineering Fair 2024


The CES Science & Engineering Fair is coming up on January 24 and your child is invited to participate! Our CES fair is here to help foster an inclusive learning environment where all students at CES are able to explore their passions through a project of choice and share with fellow students during the school day. We want to see kids choosing projects, reports, experiments or artwork that displays what your child is curious about or has a passion for. Please reach out to the Science Fair coordinator, 5th grader teacher Blake Mertens, with any questions: [email protected]

Dress for the Weather

Every student at Centennial has outdoor recess during the day. It’s very rare we have indoor recess. Students in K – 5th grades have recesses up to 20 minutes in length. Thank you for double checking to be sure your student is dressed appropriately each day and ensuring they have a change in clothes for “just in case”….no matter their grade. We cannot guarantee we will have clothing in your student’s size should they need it.


Health Room News


Thank you for continuing to keep your student home if they are feeling under the weather. Don’t forget to call our attendance line to excuse them: 360-596-8303.


Happy Holidays!

Winter break is coming…..December 20th through January 2nd. We will resume on Tuesday January 3rd.


Upcoming Events


11/30 – 12/9  CES Canned Food Drive

12/8     Winter Concert @ 8:30

12/13    Walk ‘n’ Roll to school

12/15    All School Pajama Day!

12/12 -12/14  Beauty & the Beast Auditions

12/19     Festive/Ugly Sweater Day

12/20 - 1/2  Winter Break

1/3       School is in session

1/13      MLK Assembly @ 1:30

1/15      MLK Holiday/No school

1/24      Science Fair

2/2        HALF Day 11:05 release (Grading)