School Performance Report

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About Our School

Patrick Murphy, Superintendent Centennial Elementary

Shannon Ritter, Principal

Scott Nye, Assistant Principal

Centennial first opened its doors in 1989. Located in the southeast corner of Olympia, we serve students in grades kindergarten through 5th grade. There are typically four classrooms at each grade level, located within three separate pods and seven portables. The pod areas surround the library, which is located at the heart of the building. The large library has a story area, classroom instructional area, and access to technology with a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Over 16,000 books are in active circulation thanks to the ongoing support of the Centennial Booster Club.

Our closely-knit community takes great pride in Centennial Elementary, which is well known for its parent involvement, academic rigor, music and choir programs, high volunteer rates and an experienced, talented and caring staff. The mission statement of Centennial Elementary School is to ensure high levels of learning for all. Our vision is to strive to promote a curiosity for learning. All staff members work collaboratively to provide meaningful learning opportunities for all students, with an emphasis on academic achievement and social/emotional growth.

Community members and parents are encouraged to come in and lend a hand. Parents may become involved with the school through volunteering or by joining the active Booster Club. A strong partnership with the families and community enhances the academic and social opportunities for students at Centennial.

2016-17 School Facts

Based on the October 2016 enrollment report, there were 523 students enrolled at Centennial Elementary.



 Student Demographics         

 Hispanic/Latino of any race(s)   
     Male students
 American Indian/Alaskan Native
0.2%    Female students
 Asian 12.8%  

 Black/African American

 Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander
0.4%    Unexcused Absence Rate
 White 63.1%
 Free & Reduced Price Meals
 Two or More Races
12.0%    Special Education


Teacher Information

  • Number of classroom teachers: 29
  • Average years of teacher experience: 16.8
  • Teachers with at least a Master's Degree: 72.4%
  • 100% of teachers are highly qualified (teachers qualify by holding a bachelor's degree and passing a state test).



2016-17 District Operating Budget 




 Building Administration
 $7,227,850  6.23%
 Maintenance & Operations    $7,297,943  6.29%
 District Support
 $7,489,580  6.46%
 $3,801,174  3.28%
 Utilities & Insurance  $3,869,588  3.34%
 Food Service
 $2,949,181  2.54%
 Other  $453,018   0.40%
 Added to Reserve  $555,930  0.48%
 Total Expenditures  $115,944,979  100.00%




 $28,120,265  24.25%
 Federal    $6,135,162  5.29%
 Other Sources                          
 $969,697  0.84%
 Total Revenue  $115,944,979  100.00%

Washington Comprehensive Assessment Program

Students in grades 3-5 are required to take an annual state assessment. The scores represent the percent of students meeting standard on the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) or Measurement of Student Progress (MSP)/Science.

 2015-16 3rd Grade SBA​​


 2016-17 3rd Grade SBA

 Our School  
 Our District 
 WA State 
   Our School 
 Our District 
 WA State 
 74.0  60.3  54.3
  82.1  65.3  53.0
 82.0  65.5  58.9
   86.9  69.7  58.0

 2015-16 4th Grade SBA


 2016-17 4th Grade SBA

 Our School  
 Our District 
 WA State 
   Our School 
 Our District 
 WA State 
77.4  66.7  57.0
   67.8  65.7  56.0
 79.6  67.7  55.4
   72.4  65.3  55.0

 2015-16 5th Grade SBA


 2016-17 5th Grade SBA

 Our School  
 Our District 
 WA State 
   Our School 
 Our District 
 WA State 
 74.3  68.0  60.1
   75.0  68.6  59.0
 Math  68.3  61.7  49.2
   68.7  60.6  49.0
 80.2  76.4  65.3   83.3  76.9  64.0

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

Students in grades 2-5 take an annual district assessment. The scores shown are an average score for each grade. The scores measure growth from grade to grade. 

 2015-16 Reading


 2016-17 Reading

 Our School  
 Our District 
 National Norm 
   Our School 
 Our District 
 National Norm 
 Grade 2 
 194  192  189
   198  194  189
 Grade 3
204  203  199
   208  205  199
 Grade 4
 212  213  206    212  212  206
 Grade 5
 218  218  212    220  219  212

 2015-16 Math


 2016-17 Math

 Our School  
 Our District 
 National Norm 
   Our School 
 Our District 
 National Norm 
 Grade 2 
197  193 192
   200  195 192
 Grade 3
211  208 203
   214  208 203
 Grade 4
 219  218  214    217  218  214
 Grade 5
 225  226  221    230  227  221


Centennial Elementary School Mission Statement

The mission of Centennial Elementary School is to ensure high levels of learning for all.

Olympia School District Vision

We envision a supportive environment that promotes trust, growth and achievement of the highest standards. We build our capacity for success through leading-edge programs and operations based on continuous improvement. We have 100 percent commitment to quality and excellence in all things.


National Assessment of Educational Progress

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is the largest nationally representative and continuing assessment of what America's students know and can do in various subject areas. Assessments are conducted periodically in mathematicsreadingsciencewritingthe artscivicseconomicsgeography,U.S. history, and in Technology and Engineering Literacy (TEL).

In 2017, NAEP began administering 
digitally based assessments (DBA) for mathematics, reading, and writing, with additional subjects to be added in 2018 and 2019.

For Washington State NAEP results please visit this link.


For More Information

If you would like more details about student achievement and demographics, visit the OSPI website and select reports by district or school.

If you would like other information about Centennial Elementary School, please call (360) 596-8300.