Melissa Hayes

Welcome to our website! We are excited to begin sharing our learning with you!

Our Class

We have been busy learning about Salmon and how they benefit our ecosystem.  The life cycle journey of a salmon is very difficult.  Ask your child how many of the eggs actually survive and make it to the adult stage!

Our writing is coming along nicely.  We have been working on developing main ideas and providing details to support what we are saying.  We have also produced a friendly letter.  You can see all the writing in your child's Google Drive account.

In math, we are moving into double digit multiplication.  Arrays are being used for this process.  Sometimes we call it the four square box.  See if your child can do a double digit by digit problem for you using this method.

Thank you all for attending conferences.  It was wonderful to share our learning with you.


Please read at least 20 minutes a night and get your planner signed, so you can get credit for reading!!

Every Friday there will be a homework packet sent home. It will vary week to week based on the topics that we are studying. The packet will be due by the next Friday.

Typing Club is an online typing program that will be using this year!! The goal is to get students comfortable with their typing skills. Follow the link to begin typing:

Every month we will work on a project that will be taught in class and be worked on during the school day. These projects may need some extra support from parents and will be sent home, if necessary.


Capitol Building Field Trip is scheduled for April 16th!

Math learning link: