About Us

Centennial is very fortunate to have a total quality teaching cadre and support staff that cares deeply for the academic, social, physical, and emotional well-being of all children. To that end, they endeavor each day to insure quality learning in a safe and caring environment for each child. In support of our teachers and staff is a strong community of actively engaged parents who freely give of their time and talents to ensure that Centennial continues to be a great school where great things happen every day for kids. Lead by a talented, compassionate, enthusiastic principal, Centennial is indeed a premier elementary school.

Centennial opened as a new school in January, 1989 to replace McKinley Elementary School. Centennial was named in recognition of Washington State's Centennial Celebration. It is located in the southeast corner of Olympia, in a growing area with many newer homes. There are approximately 545 students in grades kindergarten through 5th, organized into traditional grade level configurations. There are four classrooms at each grade level with the exception of three classes at kindergarten.

The community takes great pride in Centennial Elementary School, which is well known for its parent involvement, high volunteer rates, and an experienced, talented and caring staff. The staff and community have placed an emphasis on academics and skill development. The continuous improvement of reading, writing, and math skills remains a top priority goal at Centennial. This goal drives our school improvement plan as well as on-going professional development for our staff. Technology-enhanced classrooms with associated training are also a key focus at Centennial.

Parents become involved with the school through joining the Booster Club or volunteering in the classroom. Parents and community are encouraged to come in and lend a hand. With over 100 regular volunteers, Centennial Elementary School is fortunate to have such a strong partnership with the Booster Club, our parents and community members.

A variety of programs and opportunities are offered at Centennial in addition to the full academic program. These include:

  • Centennial's Stars Striders Club, an opportunity for kids to "run or walk the track" during recess and work to collect miles.
  • Reading Month, an event that is noted for helping children and families develop a habit of reading.
  • Outdoor School, a 3 day environmental learning camp in Randle, Washington, for Centennial's 5th graders.
  • Centennial Choirs: The Shooting Stars and the Sound Tracks perform in school assemblies and at special evening programs.
  • Band open for fifth graders and Orchestra is for fourth and fifth graders.
  • Student Council, an active student group open to fourth and fifth grade students, meets monthly throughout the school year. Classrooms have two representatives on the Student Council.
  • Battle of the Books is a reading competition for all students in grades 3, 4, and 5 and takes place in the months of February and March.
  • Patrol Duty is open to fifth grade students.
  • Annual Pumpkin Fund Run takes place in early October.
  • Booster Club  sponsors a fall social event, spring carnival, Spanish Club, Olympia Junior Program and an after-school art program.
  • Additional assemblies include: Bi-monthly Friday Sing, Taproot Theatre, and Pacific Science Center - Science on Wheels.